We Hereby Affirm and Declare the Following:

1.We believe in the oneness of Allah (God). We believe that all the Messengers of God (peace be upon them all), including the final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), have taught human beings how to come closer to God and closer to one another. Islam teaches that a person cannot be a good Muslim until he/she becomes a good human being. All human beings are equal, and all of them are the children of Adam and Eve (peace be upon them). The best Muslim is the one who is good to his/her family and neighbors and one who avoids harming others with his/her hand or tongue.

2.We believe in peaceful coexistence, dialogue, bridge building, and cooperation among all faiths and people for the common good of humanity. Islam does not permit the killing of innocent people, regardless of their creed, ethnicity, race, or nationality. Islam is a religion that promotes peace, justice, equity, dignity, and freedom for all human beings.

3.We believe in the preservation of all the necessities of life. Islam upholds the sanctity of religion, life, intellect, family/society, and property.

4.We believe that the well-being of our fellow citizens is the well-being of Muslims, and that the well-being of Muslims is the well-being of our fellow citizens. Being law-abiding people is part of the Islamic practice, and following the pristine teachings of Islam leads to good citizenship.

5.We believe in gender equity and each man and each woman’s divine right to education, social contribution, work, and treatment with respect and dignity. Men and women complement each other, and healthy relationships between them are essential to a healthy society.

6.We believe in the right of ownership of private property and the freedom to transact the same without fear or prejudice and the right to enter into contract and agreements and having the same upheld and enforced.

7.We believe and strongly encourage Muslims to seriously engage in civic life and contribute to
their communities and society as much as they can.

Barbados Muslim Association
(adopted from the Canadian Council of Imams)

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