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  • Jumma Masjid
  • Madina Masjid
  • Makki Masjid
  • Masjid ibn Umar
  • Wanstead Musallah



  • Mon:  Dars of Hadith after Esha
  • Wed: Dars of the Noble Quran after Esha
  • Thurs: Joula (meeting Muslim Brothers) after Maghrib
  • Fri: Jumma 12:45 pm
  • Sat: Youth Program after Maghrib

* *English/Urdu lecture begins at 12:25pm, Arabic Khutba begins at 12:45pm, Salat begins after the Khutba
**Last Saturday of every Month, organized by Islamic Academy of Barbados

-The five times daily Salat are performed in the Masjid
-Taleem takes place: after Maghrib on Mon
-Thurs after Esha on Fri – Sun
-A Sisters’ Program takes place every six weeks

Contact Details: Jumma Masjid, Kensington New Road Bridgetown St. Michael Tel: 426-0117


The Masjid was constucted in 1957 and was named City Masjid. It is constructed on land purchased with donations from the  Muslim Community. In 1982,the members of the Masjid decided to register the Masjid as a charitable organisation under the name of The City Masjid Jama’at Inc. In 2000, the Masjid was renamed Madina Masjid and continues to be managed by that organisation. It is financed by its members and the Muslim Community in general. Complementing the Masjid is the Madresa Hidayatul Islam (Islamic school ) for children of 4+. The Madresa hours are 4:30 to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday.


  • The five times daily Salat are performed in the Masjid
  • Taleem takes place every night after Esha Salat
  • Joula(meeting Muslim Brothers) takes place every Wednesday after the Maghrib Salat
  • Readings on Seerah and Durood takes place every Thursday after Esha Salat
  • Lessons of Hadith is held on the first Saturday of every Month after Esha Salat
  • Lessons of the Noble Quran is held on other Saturdays after Esha Salat
  • Jumma Salat takes place every Friday at 12:50 pm

(English lecture begins at 12:20 pm, Arabic Khutba begins at 12:50 pm,  Salat begins after the Khutba)


Contact Details: Madina Masjid , Sobers Lane, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Masjid Tel: 246-427-1258
President: Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, 246-825-5272, Vice President: Aslam Mangera
Secretary: Abdul R. Mehter, 246-231-3889, armehter@yahoo.com



  • Mon: Dars of the Noble Quran (Urdu) After Esha
  • Tues: Shamail-e-Tirmidhi (Urdu) After Esha
  • Wed: Joula (Meeting Muslim Brothers) After maghrib

Fri: Jumma 12:40pm | Dars of the Noble Quran (English) After Esha

*English/Urdu Lecture begins at 12:15 pm, Arabic Khutba begins at 12:40 pm, Salat begins after the Khutba

-The five times daily Salat are performed in the Masjid
-Taleem takes place: after Maghrib on Mon, Tue, and Fri and after Esha on Thur, Sat and Sun

Contact Details: Makki Masjid, No.8 6th Avenue, Belleville, St. Michael, Tel: 233-8238


Masjid Ibn Umar 

Harts Gap, Hastings

Chrsit Church

Tel: 427-0120




  • Wed: Dars of the Noble Quran after Esha
  • Thurs: Majlis of Durood after Esha
  • Fri: Joula (meeting Muslim Brothers) after Maghrib

-The five times daily Salat are performed at the Musallah
-Taleem takes place after Esha on Sat – Tues

Note: Jumma Salah is NOT performed at the Wanstead Musallah

Contact Details: Wanstead Gardens, St. Michael, Imam: Maulana Idris Bholat, 246-228-9010, Ashraf Kazi, 246-266-6211

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