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Our History

The Barbados Muslim Association (B.M.A) is a body formed in 1997 to represent all the Muslim Mosques on the island of Barbados.  There are approximately 2000 Muslims living in Barbados. There are five places of congregational prayers.

Each Masjid has its own administrative committee and is independently registered. A representative of each Masjid sits on the Board of the Barbados Muslim Association.  In addition five (5) Muslims are selected to the Board at Annual General Meetings at which the entire Muslim community is invited to take part.  The Board of the B.M.A is made up of a total of ten (10) persons.  These brothers then elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.

The B.M.A was formed to represent the Muslim Community of Barbados at various levels and to service the collective needs of the Muslim Community.  Over the years the B.M.A have made representation to the Government of Barbados on a number of issues relating to Muslims.  These issues include the wearing of Hijab by Muslim women.  The B.M.A has also organized and facilitated donations to various charities on the island.  The B.M.A , as a representative body of Muslims has been invited by Government to various functions. At past Independence celebrations we were invited to say a prayer.

There are a number of projects which the B.M.A is currently pursuing and we hope Insha-Allah to achieve in the future.  These include a Zakat Fund for the Muslim community, to collect Zakaah and other money for charity.

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