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http://greatist.com/health/superfood-almonds   When cravings attack, it can be tempting to reach for something greasy or sweet, but neither is friendly to the waistline. For a healthy alternative, grab some almonds to help satisfy hunger and boost energy between meals. High in protein and fiber, these little nuts are this week’s superfood.   Almond Joy — Why It’s Super   So why almonds ... Read More »

6 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy


Prophet Muhammad salAllahualayhiwasallam mounted the pulpit, then wept and said, “Ask Allah for forgiveness and health, for after being granted certainty, one is given nothing better than health.” [Tirmidhi] This demonstrates the virtue of being healthy in Islam. How can you lead a better life? These are my six ‘Feed Your Life’ steps to staying healthy and having a better lifestyle. 1.     Feed your soul ... Read More »

Dehydration and Allergies: 6 Simple Steps to Rehydrate Your Body


by: Nancy Hearn (NaturalNews) I lived with the common allergy symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing for most of my life. In fact, I was pretty miserable during allergy season. After many years of allergy tests, dietary changes, and natural remedies, I came to the conclusion that I was probably going to have allergies for the rest of ... Read More »

5 Foods That Contain More Calcium Than Milk


When most people think about getting their required calcium for the day, they tend to think a cold, tall glass of milk will do the trick. How much calcium do our bodies need anyway? It is recommended that people between the ages of 19-50 need 1,000 mg of calcium on a daily basis. It is also crucial during adolescence—the recommended ... Read More »

Your Body Has a right Over You


Rasulullah has mentioned that there are two favours which most people take lightly; Good health and free time. Looking after our health is an essential part of a Muslim’s life. If we are not careful regarding this important aspect of our lives, then we may be deprived of many important a`maal (May Allah Ta’ala protect us all). We maybe unable ... Read More »