(21/7/2014) RAMADAN – MONTH OF FASTING. In 23 short years, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, spread monotheism throughout the peninsula, unified warring tribes, taught the honor of women, and established that all people were equal in the sight of God.  He elevated the low and lowered the arrogant that they meet in that middle place known as brotherhood.  ... Read More »

Islam – Complete way of life

way of life

(20/7/2014)RAMADAN – MONTH OF FASTING Islam is the faith of over 1 billion of the earth’s inhabitants.  It is considered the world’s fastest growing religion by virtue of conversion and population growth.  Islam as a complete way of life was conferred unto mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He (pbuh) was born in 570 CE in the ... Read More »

I’tikaf Rejuvenates The Soul


(19/7/2014) RAMADAN – MONTH OF FASTING .Since the life of the transient world keeps us busy for the whole year in studies, work, social functions, business, traveling and other such things that often causes us to be negligent of our souls and the next life, we may sometimes think that these things are the sole purpose in life and thus ... Read More »



17/7/2014) RAMADAN – MONTH OF FASTING Almighty God has indeed in His perfect wisdom created humanity in a unique way. He has made it such that from time to time His creation needs a rest. We rest at night to give our bodies time to recover. However there comes a time when more intensive rest or a retreat is required.  ... Read More »



(16/7/2014) RAMADAN- MONTH OF FASTING As Muslims pass the midway mark of the month of Ramadan we remind readers that during Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and other human desire from dawn to sunset. To non-Muslims, fasting may seem absurd, harsh, and taxing, but to Muslims it is an opportunity to recharge their spirit, reinforce their connection with God, ... Read More »